Tech and Emotions Connect

One of the world’s tech giants, Google, is embracing the power of emotions to tell their new stories. There was a great article about it in the New York Times on January 1st.

Just a few years ago – and still in some quarters today – you might hear, “There’s no room for emotions . . . → Read More: Tech and Emotions Connect

Worth your time

Daniel Goleman has done it again. He has given leaders two new resources to help them be more effective.

His new book, Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence, at a sleek 177 pages, is a tightly written gem. It summarizes the basics of why self-awareness, self-mastery, empathy and relationship management are core competencies for today’s . . . → Read More: Worth your time

Implicit Bias: Inside The Brain

I recently attended a continuing education judicial conference entitled Implicit Bias: Recognizing It and Dismantling It. Implicit bias can be defined as unconscious attitudes and preferences operating just below our conscious awareness. Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, one of the world’s leading researchers on this topic, presented the most recent research to 150 judges and lawyers.

I’ll bet you’ve . . . → Read More: Implicit Bias: Inside The Brain