Integrity In Action

Integrity: One communication at a time

In many firms, large and small, the beginning of a new year is a time for corporate action: right-sizing, down-sizing, reorganizing, realigning and staff layoffs. As anyone who has lived through one of these can tell you – myself included – it can be one of the biggest tests of integrity a leader faces.

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STRIVE Values Model™

We recently had a chance to introduce our STRIVE Values Model™ to five groups of finance professionals working in the health care sector.

STRIVE is an acronym representing the values that underly our Hart3i™ Relationship Management System. It means: Safe, Trusted, Respected, Included, Valued, and Engaged.

In surveying the finance professionals, we found . . . → Read More: STRIVE Values Model™

Honoring Clients as Teachers

AIDS 2012: The International AIDS Conference on the state of AIDS around the globe will begin in Washington DC on Sunday July 22nd. It has me thinking back to a time when the AIDS crisis was just beginning. Fresh out of law school, I found myself on the front line in . . . → Read More: Honoring Clients as Teachers

Creative Ways to Tell Your Story

I recently conducted a poetry workshop for mental health professionals, called Creative Ways to Tell Your Story.

I taught specific techniques for using the poetic forms of: Keyword, Word Jazz and Haiku to help their clients – especially those who have experienced trauma in their lives – to creatively release the tension from a . . . → Read More: Creative Ways to Tell Your Story

Why is – I’m sorry – so hard to say?

I heard snatches of this conversation as I was jogging through the park to clear my head. I didn’t hear the context, or who these two people were talking about, but it got me thinking about the relationship strengthening power of a sincere apology.

Words have power.

And two of the most powerful are, . . . → Read More: Why is – I’m sorry – so hard to say?

Living Your Values

Following some of the recent press about the high profile resignations of  Google and Goldman Sachs employees, I wondered if I could find a story about a company that, by living its values, keeps its employees so happy and fulfilled that they, too, want to tell the world.

Meet Michelle Lee, who started as . . . → Read More: Living Your Values

Note to Leaders: Shift Happens

Two giants in their fields, Google and Goldman Sachs, found the spotlight this week. I’m not sure the leadership of either will be happy about it. Both lost employees who decided to explain to the world their reasons for leaving. These are cautionary tales about the enormous consequences that occur when a corporate culture . . . → Read More: Note to Leaders: Shift Happens

Is poetry too “touchy-feely” for the office?

Don’t Want to Read? Click here to listen.That was a question at a recent event I attended for organizational development professionals. The focus was on the use of poetry as a tool for strategic planning, learning seminars, keynotes, coaching and executive retreats.

Some OD practitioners wondered if serious professionals in government, military and big . . . → Read More: Is poetry too “touchy-feely” for the office?

Tech and Emotions Connect

One of the world’s tech giants, Google, is embracing the power of emotions to tell their new stories. There was a great article about it in the New York Times on January 1st.

Just a few years ago – and still in some quarters today – you might hear, “There’s no room for emotions . . . → Read More: Tech and Emotions Connect