STEM – Then What?

STEM is the job sector where career researchers say you have the best chance of getting a good job and building a lasting career.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Just a quick look at a few job sites will confirm this prediction. It is certainly one side of the equation for finding a good job . . . → Read More: STEM – Then What?

Teamwork Under Pressure


The question is what to do?

How to navigate the natural human complexity that swirls around you?

Learn the dynamics and don’t allow assumptions to cloud your vision.

Use the skills of each team member to fully accomplish your mission.


. . . → Read More: Teamwork Under Pressure

Retaliation Complaints On The Rise

Most people know you aren’t supposed to discriminate against someone at work because of race, gender, age, sex, color and religion. However, I think many people aren’t even aware that retaliation is a type of discrimination someone can file a complaint about. Now, the EEOC is reporting that retaliation complaints are at a record . . . → Read More: Retaliation Complaints On The Rise

Minor Acts, Monumental Impacts

There were a lot of jokes in the media about the seating at last night’s State of the Union Address. It was called “prom night,” because some Democrats and Republicans agreed to sit together rather than in separate sections. Some called it a symbolic gesture. But, was that all it was? Although it might . . . → Read More: Minor Acts, Monumental Impacts

Tone Check

Words matter. Tone does too. They always travel together. When we talk, we focus mostly on the words. That’s natural because they contain the meaning, right? Well, partially, right. Research by Dr. Albert Mehrabian suggests that the emotional truth – how we feel about the phrase or the person – is revealed more in . . . → Read More: Tone Check

The truth is in the tone

“The truth is in the tone.” I’ve used this phrase many times in leadership training. It’s true for our tone of voice, and it’s true for leadership behaviors that set the tone for what is appropriate, and inappropriate, in the culture. Edgy humor is a high risk motivation strategy for any workplace. As an . . . → Read More: The truth is in the tone

In-team competition

When I ran on the high school cross country team, competition was the name of the game. Sprint 100 yards faster than your teammates and you got to sit down – until the last man standing. Then there was the five mile run to see who would win bragging rights for being in better . . . → Read More: In-team competition