Life Happens: Now What?


Just over a year ago, while I was driving home from my mother’s funeral to catch a flight for a job, I hit a tire in the middle of the highway. Rain, traffic – I couldn’t swerve, so I just hit it. A jolt, a shudder, and then my rugged . . . → Read More: Life Happens: Now What?

An Artist At Work

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman sent shock waves across the entertainment industry. Those ripples touch me too. Everyone is talking about how he lost his battle with the demon of addiction. I don’t think how someone dies should define them. So, I want to focus on his work ethic, and why I recognized . . . → Read More: An Artist At Work

Celebrating Our Veterans

Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant Jimmy Hargrove was one of the first African Americans to serve in the US Marine Corps.

I had the honor of meeting and talking with him recently in Virginia Beach at an event honoring both Native American History Month and Veterans Day.

In his eighties, Mr. Hargrove still has a . . . → Read More: Celebrating Our Veterans

M.E. Hart Speaks at DCRCC 40th Anniversary

Hart Learning Group is a proud community partner with the DC Rape Crisis Center. We support their efforts with training volunteers who work with hotline and advocacy clients.

Their 40th Anniversary Celebration, on October 20, 2012, was a celebration for clients, volunteers and community supporters.

The program began with these stirring remarks from Santa Molina-Marshall, . . . → Read More: M.E. Hart Speaks at DCRCC 40th Anniversary

Teamwork Under Pressure


The question is what to do?

How to navigate the natural human complexity that swirls around you?

Learn the dynamics and don’t allow assumptions to cloud your vision.

Use the skills of each team member to fully accomplish your mission.


. . . → Read More: Teamwork Under Pressure

Honoring Connections

This is Black History Month and I would like to honor my ancestors.

Dr. Maya Angelou says, “I long for a time when all of human history is taught as one history.”

To honor my ancestors, I have to look at history that way. I got my DNA analyzed five years ago and . . . → Read More: Honoring Connections