I was honored to be invited to support the educational efforts of DOJ’s Office on Violence Against Women during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I spoke at an event held April 26th in the Great Hall of the RFK Justice Building in Washington DC, along with a distinguished panel that included Acting Associate . . . → Read More: M.E. HART SPEAKS AT DEPT OF JUSTICE EVENT

Living Your Values

Following some of the recent press about the high profile resignations of  Google and Goldman Sachs employees, I wondered if I could find a story about a company that, by living its values, keeps its employees so happy and fulfilled that they, too, want to tell the world.

Meet Michelle Lee, who started as . . . → Read More: Living Your Values

Note to Leaders: Shift Happens

Two giants in their fields, Google and Goldman Sachs, found the spotlight this week. I’m not sure the leadership of either will be happy about it. Both lost employees who decided to explain to the world their reasons for leaving. These are cautionary tales about the enormous consequences that occur when a corporate culture . . . → Read More: Note to Leaders: Shift Happens

New Staff – New Eyes








Listen to New Staff: New Eyes

I carried my tray, filled with test tubes and supplies for drawing blood, into the patient’s room.  As I got closer I could see that she was in a coma. Two doctors hovered over her talking about her like she . . . → Read More: New Staff – New Eyes

Tech and Emotions Connect

One of the world’s tech giants, Google, is embracing the power of emotions to tell their new stories. There was a great article about it in the New York Times on January 1st.

Just a few years ago – and still in some quarters today – you might hear, “There’s no room for emotions . . . → Read More: Tech and Emotions Connect

Fire For A New Start

Don’t want to read? Listen to the author read this post by clicking here.

The fire was raging in the portable fire pit on the patio. Hands reached out to toss envelopes holding secrets into the flame. It was a clear, cool and crisp night with stars twinkling brightly over head. An eclectic . . . → Read More: Fire For A New Start

Worth your time

Daniel Goleman has done it again. He has given leaders two new resources to help them be more effective.

His new book, Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence, at a sleek 177 pages, is a tightly written gem. It summarizes the basics of why self-awareness, self-mastery, empathy and relationship management are core competencies for today’s . . . → Read More: Worth your time

STEM – Then What?

STEM is the job sector where career researchers say you have the best chance of getting a good job and building a lasting career.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Just a quick look at a few job sites will confirm this prediction. It is certainly one side of the equation for finding a good job . . . → Read More: STEM – Then What?

Retaliation Complaints On The Rise

Most people know you aren’t supposed to discriminate against someone at work because of race, gender, age, sex, color and religion. However, I think many people aren’t even aware that retaliation is a type of discrimination someone can file a complaint about. Now, the EEOC is reporting that retaliation complaints are at a record . . . → Read More: Retaliation Complaints On The Rise

Minor Acts, Monumental Impacts

There were a lot of jokes in the media about the seating at last night’s State of the Union Address. It was called “prom night,” because some Democrats and Republicans agreed to sit together rather than in separate sections. Some called it a symbolic gesture. But, was that all it was? Although it might . . . → Read More: Minor Acts, Monumental Impacts