Living Your Values

Following some of the recent press about the high profile resignations of  Google and Goldman Sachs employees, I wondered if I could find a story about a company that, by living its values, keeps its employees so happy and fulfilled that they, too, want to tell the world.

Meet Michelle Lee, who started as a teller and is now an Executive VP at Wells Fargo. She tells her story to DiversityInc and shares some reasons for her success. She points to her company’s inclusive culture, and its commitment to putting the customer’s success first.

“The one that rings in my head is that every day we come to work to help our customers succeed financially,” Lee says, “It’s at the core of everything that we do, including all of our efforts around embedding diversity into our business practices.”

After two cautionary tales, I thought we could use a bit of inspiration. Take a moment to read her story about working in a company committed to living its core values.


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