Creative Ways to Tell Your Story

I recently conducted a poetry workshop for mental health professionals, called Creative Ways to Tell Your Story.

I taught specific techniques for using the poetic forms of: KeywordWord Jazz and Haiku to help their clients – especially those who have experienced trauma in their lives – to creatively release the tension from a specific moment, situation or event.

The afternoon was filled with laughter, insights, and moments of unexpected discoveries as we shared thoughts, feelings, and quickly written poems.

With each new exercise people became more engaged, and more willing to join the word play.

I’d like to share one poem that was part of our Word Jazz exercise:

One participant approached me after the session to ask if I had thought of using this format to teach a session on self-development. She said, “I see these as great tools that I can use with my clients, but I also see how we therapists could use it for our own personal and professional development.”

I thanked her for her idea; poetry is a powerful and flexible tool that has enormous potential to help people increase their self-awareness, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

I told her that Hart Learning Group offers an expanded set of workshops in the Poetry with a Purpose series, including:

Creative Ways to Tell Your Story
Reenergizing Visions, Missions and Values
Releasing Creativity for Innovation

Each workshop is 2 hours of fast, focused, informative fun for increasing self-awareness and developing the skill of being able to take different perspectives – which is a core skill for developing empathy. They are perfect for retreats, team meetings, and management development programs. Check out our website for details.

The recent afternoon workshop for mental health professionals was truly inspiring. Thanks to everyone who made our workshop so enjoyable and productive!



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  • Grace

    Hey Hart! I was at your workshop and really appreciated it. Although not as active a poet as you are (by far), I am a poet, and I have tried using poetry in workshops with a women’s empowerment group to help women bridge their inner experience with the reality of the world around them. I’ve met with mixed success, and found the tools in your workshop very useful. So thank you for those.

    Have you considered doing a poets for poets workshop? There must be many people in the healing professions who are poets and want to use poetry in their healing work. I think it could be a very cool and productive workshop, whether it was one you lead or one that calls poet-healers together for purposes of brainstorming….

    Wishing you all the best, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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