STRIVE Values Model™

We recently had a chance to introduce our STRIVE Values Model™ to five groups of finance professionals working in the health care sector.

STRIVE is an acronym representing the values that underly our Hart3i™ Relationship Management System. It means: Safe, Trusted, Respected, Included, Valued, and Engaged.

In surveying the finance professionals, we found that they wanted their daily interactions to contain these values. They wanted to walk-away feeling:

Safe: Physically and psychologically
Trusted: To do the job they were hired to do
Respected: For their talents and skills
Included: Having a place at the table
Valued: For their contributions, no matter how small
Engaged: Being allowed to contribute to discussions important to work

The finance professionals in our seminars confirmed that these values were important to them in their daily interactions. We then explored specific workplace challenges like giving performance feedback and communicating about major organizational changes.

In tough situations people want STRIVE values alive in their interactions.

Let’s take a look at a few workplace case studies in which STRIVE values are not present:

Un-Safe: Discovering that his boss is rummaging through his emails for no reason, Carl feels psychologically unsafe, and begins to look for another job.

Mis-Trusted: When her team lead starts micromanaging her work, Marsha feels mistrusted. Their relationship suffers.

Dis-Respected: At a staff meeting, Bill’s boss tells him his work is unsatisfactory in front of his peers. Publically disrespected, he seethes.

Not-Included: Vicki didn’t receive the email announcing the new merger that directly affects her department. Being excluded from this crucial communication makes her furious.

De-Valued: Mary’s idea led to the team’s project success. Her boss takes all the credit at the all-hands-meeting. Feeling devalued, Mary’s motivation falls dramatically.

Dis-Engaged: Jerry has a place at the table, but he’s cut off each time he speaks. Denied the chance to fully engage, he wonders why he was even invited.

Do any of these examples sound like something you’ve experienced? If you have – or if you have witnessed them – you know how critical STRIVE values are to individual and team morale.

So if we want to live them every day, how should we interact? How should we communicate?

Before we interact maybe we should – put a pause in it for less than a minute – to clarify our guiding intention, assess impacts and consider walk-away impressions.

That’s the only way to make sure that when people walk away from our texts, tweets, emails, posts, calls, and conversations that they feel: Safe, Trusted, Respected, Included, Valued and Engaged.

Let’s STRIVE to keep healthy, effective relationships alive.

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